(Español) Histórico de los proyectos


  • Projects of drinking waterworks centers in marginalized areas of Arequipa .
  • Equipment of Mothers Clubs in cooking and eating .
  • Equipment to State Health Centers .
  • Construction of latrines in area without drain.
  • Construction of a polyclinic.
  • Construction and equipment of a kitchen / dining room.
  • Construction and equipping a workshop center .
  • Implementation of health programs in underserved areas.
  • Job Creation through community projects.
  • Health program for all the deprived ones , the mothers and pregnant women , the  elderly and the homeless.
  • Development programs and microcredit in the marginal areas of Socabaya and Sachaca
  • Establishment and equipping of public libraries in the centers.
  • Support for the Creation and Funding of micro and small enterprises.
  • Furnishings Kitchen and Canteen of Alto Amados.


  • Equipment of the classrooms of the educational programs  in all places.
  • To increase the number of children who benefit from the Nutritional recuperation program.
  • Health Programs specializing in child under 5 years and pregnant women .
  • To build up a canteen for children from 3 to 17 years old in the center Centro Accion
  • Implement the project of school support for children
  • Project of drinking water supply lines in Characta – Camaná
  • And as usual, a dozen of health campaigns each year